Cooling rings

Air ring with sectoral thermal modulation

DISCOVERY 10T is designed for LD-HD bubble film extrusion.  It is equipped with thermal sector based modulation of the cooling flow and can be installed between the extruder die and the customers’ existing ring.  With the addition of the DISCOVERY 10T productivity can be increased by up to 35% and in combination with the thickness control can also ensure superb gauge uniformity.

  • Over 50% reduction of 2Sigma value
  • Increase productivity by up to 35%
  • 6-minute production start-up time
  • Retrofit compatible

Automatic air ring with thermal modulation

DISCOVERY 12T is an automatic dual-flow cooling ring with a sector-based thermal modulated lip that enables exact and automatic thickness regulation.  Its exclusive design includes two different cooling flows to guarantee high cooling efficiency and outstanding gauge uniformity by means of cartridge heaters integrated in the first air flow.

This system dramatically improves thickness tolerances along the entire circumference while also balancing out the melt flow canalization and ensuring proper die centering.  Further, this cooling ring is able to maintain a consistent process despite the effect of various ambient conditions influencing the process.

  • Double air-flow
  • High definition bubble control
  • Up to 80% 2Sigma reduction
  • 6-minute production start-up time

Multi-flow cooling ring with automatic sector adjustment

DISCOVERY 13T is a high performance cooling ring featuring triple cooling flow.  The three cooling flows combined with the thermo-regulated sectors enable proper bubble support and consistent gauge control along the entire circumference.  The 13T series further significantly reduces the 2 Sigma value offering a strongly enhanced production capacity.  This system is easily managed with the Navigator 9000 integrated control system and an intuitive 15” touch screen interface.

  • Triple independent cooling flow
  • Sector based thermal modulated airflow
  • Energy saving features
  • Quick start-up time

Adjustable triple-flow ring with thermal sector modulation 

ATLANTIS is a high-efficiency, stackable and multi-flow cooling ring, with sectoral thermal modulation for accurate and automatic gauge control.  This cooling ring maintains the precision in thickness control and management from the Discovery line enabling the operator to realize fast and easy adjustment and preparation for production startup and changeover. With the automatic system LIFTER, Atlantis 23T improves the production efficiency by 50% by automatically lifting the top ring to the desired height depending on the production.  This further enhances the mechanical film properties and improves on both quality and productivity.

  • Designed to achieve high throughput
  • High bubble stability
  • Uniform film profile (very low 2 sigma)
  • Carbon fiber construction for thermal isolation

Motorized lifting system

LIFTER is a motorized system that adjusts the mobile part of the ATLANTIS ring to the most suitable position required by the resin typology in process, thereby ensuring that the frost-line is positioned correctly.  The innovate design of the LIFTER enables higher cooling of the blown film and further maximizes overall production efficiency.

  • Compatible with ATLANTIS 23T
  • Optimal cooling efficiency
  • Easy operations

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