GRAVIKO, the perfect ally for extrusion

GRAVIKO, the perfect ally for extrusion

Dosing the exact amount of material, assuring process stability and knowing how to "Control" the extruder are fundamental requirements to ensure high quality standards and eliminate any risk of hidden costs and material waste in extrusion processes.


The solution is Graviko, the innovative continuous loss-in-weight multicomponent dosing system with automatic weight/meter adjustment that can be installed in all 24/7 production plants.
An accurate, self-adaptive dosing system designed to handle up to six components allowing a wide number of configurations.

Graviko is easy to program thanks to the menu placed on a 22-inch touch view interface allowing the operator to automatically manage the production parameters in all production process’ stages. It acts IN ADVANCE verifying that the doser adapts to the performance and the result of the finished product, DURING the extrusion process, controlling it and acting on its speed through the thickness and/or dimensional control of the extruder. A real synchronism among doser, extruder, haul-off and finished product.

Graviko ensures high precision by weighing each material and getting the same result over time thanks to some exclusive features that characterized this project such as the self-centering balanced weighing system.

Graviko guarantees on the go production and hopper changes, self-calibration and quick recipe changes. A must in 24/7 production plants that do not allow downtime.

The entire stainless steel construction allows its application even in demanding sectors such as food or medical. The total absence of material stagnation zones ensures high quality production according to the desired standards.

A reliable, modular and easy to use machine. Thanks to the implementation of the OPC UA protocol, it complies with Industry 4.0 principles.


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