Conveying Systems



Conveying system

EXA is a three-phase multi-material conveying system capable of managing up to six material receivers with a single centralized suction unit and high efficiency cyclone filter. It is based on the "one-wire" concept where a single cable connects all the receivers and the suction unit.

EXA controls the by-pass valve which ensures consistent cycle efficiency. The loading system management is integrated into the Master 300 Touch screen palmtop with an intuitive graphic interface.

  • Bypass valve for improved cycle efficiency
  • Master 300 Touch screen palmtop
  • Expandable up to 80 clients (OW3)
Kasko Compact

Kasko Compact

Compact receiver

Container dedicated to the vacuum conveying of plastic material in EXA conveying systems. Compact design and a completely stainless steel structure guarantee a complete non-toxicity.

Extreme safety thanks to the servo-assisted opening of the head and greater efficiency thanks to the Vortex effect.

  • Assisted lid opening
  • Vortex effect
  • Stainless steel grid filter
  • High visibility lamp
Master 300

Master 300

Programming palmtop

Double interface remote control palmtop featuring a keyboard and a colour touch display with object oriented programming.

The device is compatible with EXA conveying systems and can be connected to each unit of the network and to the management server for programming, managing and displaying process parameters and anomalies.

  • Dual keyboard control
  • Icon menu
  • Alarm history


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