Measurement and control

Thickness control

Online thickness gauge

EAGLE EYE is a continuous thickness measurement device with a high precision double-sensor . Based on the capacitive measurement principle, it is mounted on collapsing frames to monitor the film thickness around the bubble circumference. The accuracy in thickness measuring is achieved through its unique double electrode, which ensures accurate readings regardless of variations in film temperature and environmental interferences.

  • High resolution and accuracy
  • No calibration required
  • Compatible with different polymers (PE, EVA, PA, ….)


On-line thickness measurer on circular scanner

EAGLE SKY is a continuous thickness measurement device that makes a continuous circular movement around the bubble to perform fast thickness measurements.  This version of the EAGLE line performs a complete measurement of the bubble circumference in less than 50 seconds.  In combination with a Contrex automatic cooling ring, EAGLE SKY is able to maintain the thickness tolerance at lowest levels.

  • Rapid and accurate measurement
  • Compatible with different polymers
  • Extremely low wear measurement
  • Auto calibrating and cleaning features


Linear scanner

EAGLE LINE is a capacitive sensor mounted on a linear scanner with detects variations along the surface of flat film extrusion.  The device can be mounted on the outlet of the haul-off or immediately after the cooling cylinder on cast lines.  This allows the EAGLE LINE to survey film thickness along the full length of the sheet.

  • Designed for lay-flat film production
  • 0.1% film thickness monitoring
  • Compensates for ambient conditions
  • Compensates for film temperature variation


Width control

Bubble diameter adjustment

RDB determines the film width by means of high precision ultrasonic sensors.  A dedicated control automatically manages the inflation/deflation of the bubble further guaranteeing constant lay-flat stability.





The IBC CONTROL system manages the correct bubble size through a minimum of three or more ultrasound sensors, which detect all inflation variations and make corresponding air quantity and quality adjustments. 





Film control

Calibration cage

The cage is an integral part of bubble diameter automatic adjustment. A dedicated control manages the sizing cage in a fully automatic way.

Several versions are available for mounting winders with different surfaces depending on specific applications.




Internal bubble cooler

The IBC cooling system uses inflation air replacement to improve the extrusion speed through the circulation of cold air inside the bubble and overall system cooling.

The IBC device keeps the bubble correctly inflated and when combined with the IBC CONTROL ultrasonic sensor automatically controls the bubble width with accurate precision.



Oscillating haul-off

The HAUL-OFF CONTROL, in combination with the Loss-In-Weight feeders and Contrex gram-meter control, assists in film stretching assuring efficient film production management.





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